Grow Midwives

Scaling Up and Sustaining Midwifery

Consulting Expertise in the Following Areas

Midwife Services

1:1 Coaching: Job interviews, Career move, Salary/Benefit enhancement

Employment Contract Reviews: Employment agreements and Exit Clauses

Advise on Vicarious Liability Barriers for Midwives and Physicians


Facilitate and Mediate State-wide Midwifery Legislative Advocacy Strategies

Speaking Engagements: Grand Rounds, Conferences and Maternal Health focused events

Free webinars and blogs discussing common issues and challenges in Midwifery profession

Daily Social Media Posts: Most up-to-date conversations key topics ranging from policy, education, finance and state of maternal health and midwifery in the US.


Practice Development

Assist in the establishment of private practice midwifery models in FQHC, Rural health clinics, hospital-based, physician office, or midwife-owned

Facilitate Strategic Planning for Practices to Scale and Sustain

Review, Revise or Recommend optimal Midwifery Practice Guidelines

Birth Facilities

Assist in the development of accredited Birth Centers: Early planning to opening

Assist in the design and staffing and elements to create Alongside Midwifery Units

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Meet Grow Midwives

During the last 40 years, Ginger Breedlove and Lesley Rathbun have delivered tens-of-thousands of babies, educated thousands of practicing Midwives, and acted as tireless advocates for families. They have headed successful business ventures in the hospital and birth center industries, shaped legislation aiming to reduce barriers to practice for Midwives, and advocated for birth centers at both the state and national level.

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The Grow Midwives Mission

WE are committed to scaling up and sustaining US Midwifery.

It’s no secret to those who work in women’s healthcare that the United States is experiencing a shortage of providers. At this critical moment in history, the medical community is tasked with providing high quality care without adequate resources. This shortage is part of why the US ranks last among high-income countries for maternal health outcomes.

Midwives are an underutilized resource and we believe this underutilization is due to a lack of understanding surrounding the midwife role within a technology-focused healthcare system. By incorporating Midwives into collaborative care teams, as in other high-income countries, we can address the provider shortage and improve outcomes.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives, as well as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have described how to incorporate Midwives into a team-based, collaborative care model, but very few obstetric care providers or health systems know how to make this a reality.

The goal of Grow Midwives is to build relationships and educate Physicians, Hospitals, and Midwives about best practices in collaborative experiences. A variety of care models, in a variety of settings, can be implemented with expert assistance . Our aim is to help scale up and sustain Midwifery in the US through four product lines:

  1. One-on-one assistance with midwives
  2. Practice development (Obstetrician’s, Family Medicine or Midwives)
  3. Birth Facility Settings (Accredited, Developing or Alongside Maternity Units
  4. Advocacy work: In midwifery practice, state legislative work, strategic planning