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Stuck – Assessing here and now while thinking forward!


December 26, 2018

  We all have been there. Trying to figure out why our professional career or practice is not growing. How can we figure out ways to collaborate better, work more efficiently, reignite shared passion, implement meaningful performance indicators, and advocate for better salaries or work conditions? What if, year after year, or even a few years into your professional career,

Nobody Told Me About That


November 30, 2018

  Did you, a friend or family member experience a fully supported, well informed, calm postpartum experience? Isn’t that what most new parent’s hope for and expect? An easy transition most health care providers must believe, as families are sent home 48 hours after an uncomplicated birth without any professional contact in the first three weeks? Whether the birth and

Webinar Follow-Up: What has the Pinard Taught Us?


July 11, 2018

  On June 21, 2018, Ginger and Lesley from the Grow Midwives team hosted an intimate webinar exploring the lessons the wonderful tool known as the Pinard has taught the midwifery community.   If you would like to follow along with the presentation, Ginger’s Prezi can be found here.

What is a Pinard? – The World’s Oldest Tool For Hearing Fetal Heartbeats


June 15, 2018

  In 1895, Adolphe Pinard (1844–1934) a French obstetrician, designed an elegant, trumpet-shaped instrument for listening to babies in utero. This trumpet was made of wood and featured a single diameter opening drilled through the center. Using this simple tool, sound made by the fetal heart was efficiently transmitted to the listener’s ear. Aptly named after its creator, the Pinard

How to Market a Birth Center or Midwifery Business Online in 2018


May 25, 2018

Contents No Website? No Problem.Search EnginesSocial MediaUseful, Unique ContentThe Next Step   Running a successful midwifery business or birth center in 2018 is nearly impossible without a quality online presence. Consumers today are used to interacting with businesses when they want, where they want, on their own terms. That means potential clients are going to reach out online using phones,

Grow Midwives circle of practice manual for midwifery led care

Integrating Midwifery Led Care in 2019


April 10, 2018

Contents The Pacific Business Group on Health on Midwifery Led CareImportant Questions Related to Midwifery Led CareWatch the Grow Midwives Webinar on Integrating Midwifery Led CareJoin our Mailing List   There are numerous resources for learning how to create a distinct, high functioning, and integrated midwifery practice. By being aware of every resource currently available, and matching opportunities with your

Grow Midwives transitioning from hospital to birth center

Grow Midwives Webinar Follow-up: Transitioning From Hospital Midwife to Birth Center Midwife


March 20, 2018

  Join Lesley Rathbun and Ginger Breedlove for a thorough discussion on the difficulties, benefits, and drawbacks of transitioning from being a Hospital Midwife to a Birth Center Midwife. Lesley and Ginger have been involved with many midwives before, during and after their move to a birth center – including their own. Making such an important career choice is daunting