Nobody Told Me About That 1 July 24, 2019

Nobody Told Me About That


November 30, 2018

  Did you, a friend or family member experience a fully supported, well informed, calm postpartum experience? Isn’t that what most new parent’s hope for and expect? An easy transition most health care providers must believe, as families are sent home 48 hours after an uncomplicated birth without any professional contact in the first three weeks? Whether the birth and

Webinar Follow-Up: What has the Pinard Taught Us? 4 July 12, 2018

Webinar Follow-Up: What has the Pinard Taught Us?


July 11, 2018

  On June 21, 2018, Ginger and Lesley from the Grow Midwives team hosted an intimate webinar exploring the lessons the wonderful tool known as the Pinard has taught the midwifery community.   If you would like to follow along with the presentation, Ginger’s Prezi can be found here.

Grow Midwives transitioning from hospital to birth center

Grow Midwives Webinar Follow-up: Transitioning From Hospital Midwife to Birth Center Midwife


March 20, 2018

  Join Lesley Rathbun and Ginger Breedlove for a thorough discussion on the difficulties, benefits, and drawbacks of transitioning from being a Hospital Midwife to a Birth Center Midwife. Lesley and Ginger have been involved with many midwives before, during and after their move to a birth center – including their own. Making such an important career choice is daunting

grow midwives create your dream job

Grow Midwives Webinar Follow-Up: Creating Your Dream Job as a Midwife


February 14, 2018

  Join Ginger Breedlove and Lesley Rathbun for an in-depth look at the business side of midwifery. Together, they share experiences collected first hand during 70+ combined years operating successful midwifery businesses. From starting an independent freestanding birth center, to working in partnership with large hospital organizations, Ginger and Lesley have navigated business relationships in a wide variety of practice

grow midwives performing a community needs assessment

Grow Midwives Webinar Follow-Up: Conducting a Meaningful Community Assessment When Opening a Birth Center or Midwifery Service


December 27, 2017

In case you missed it, here is the video and transcription of the Webinar “Conducting a Meaningful Community Assessment” with Ginger Breedlove and Lesley Rathbun on Wednesday, December 20, 2018. If you haven’t signed up already, make sure to join our newsletter to keep up to date with all future news and webinar announcements from Grow Midwives. Remember that if