Neel Shah MD, MPP, FACOG and Ginger Breedlove

Neel Shah, MD, MPP, FACOG

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Harvard Medical School

“There are few leaders in the American maternal health system that I respect and admire more than Ginger and Lesley. They have improved the wellbeing of countless moms and babies, not only through their own clinical practices, but through building professional bridges and laying the foundation for how midwives and physicians, birth centers and hospitals, can and should work together. Our country sorely needs a new crop of successful midwifery practices and birth centers. I’m comforted to know that Ginger and Lesley are dedicating this next phase of their careers to making sure this happens.”

Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom MD, FACOG

Elizabeth Wickstrom, MD, FACOG

Medical Director, Maternal Fetal Specialists

“Ginger has been my ideal model of professional midwifery for over 20 years.  We began our association when she opened the first nurse-midwife practice in greater Kansas City through the St. Luke’s Health System, a tertiary healthcare/ teaching health system in Kansas City.  I acted as Medical Director and my Maternal Fetal Medicine practice acted as collaborating physicians for this innovative and very successful program, for nine years.  It was Ginger’s wisdom and professional demeanor, tireless research into best practices and seasoned leadership that made the practice a success.  Along with directing the practice itself, she also developed a community funded partnership between the hospital and an alternative public school for pregnant and parenting teens, which was a determining factor in St. Luke’s Hospital being awarded the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award, in 2003. Ginger and I have continued to work together on a variety of programs at the state, regional, national and international level, and she continues to be my “go to” for all questions related to midwifery, midwife- physician relations, and birth centers. She combines a unique mix of experience, warmth, intelligence, practicality and passion which she brings to every project to which she commits.”