How to Market a Birth Center or Midwifery Business Online in 2018


May 25, 2018

  Running a successful midwifery business or birth center in 2018 is nearly impossible without a quality online presence. Consumers today are used to interacting with businesses when they want, where they want, on their own terms. That means potential clients are going to reach out online using phones, desktop computers, tablets, social media, business directories, websites, email, and many

Grow Midwives circle of practice manual for midwifery led care

Integrating Midwifery Led Care in 2019


April 10, 2018

  There are numerous resources for learning how to create a distinct, high functioning, and integrated midwifery practice. By being aware of every resource currently available, and matching opportunities with your professional goals, you can execute the right strategy to get started with midwifery led care. Best business practices do not need to be re-invented, but founded on the experience

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What is a Midwife Worth Follow-Up: Webinar on Salary and Contract Negotiation


January 23, 2018

  Ginger Breedlove is a Midwife with nearly 40 years of experience caring for mothers and children. She has worked in just about every type of Midwife practice possible, even starting a hospital-based midwifery service in Kansas City, Missouri. During her career, Ginger has interviewed and hired for many different Midwife positions. The following discussion focuses on the current state