Today’s Physicians and Midwives spend the majority of their early careers learning how to administer care. So much so that learning the legal and business aspects of running a practice simply isn’t feasible. The legalities surrounding maternity care require careful navigation by a knowledgeable advocate.

Joseph Booth serves as In-House Counsel for Grow Midwives. He has worked with well-known figures in the Midwifery community publishing articles on vicarious liability for the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health. He was a chapter author for two editions of the Service Director’s Manual for the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM), writing on legal issues in Midwifery practice. Joseph was in house counsel for the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund: a governmentally established professional liability insurer for healthcare professionals.

“Joe knows the legal aspects of birth and of setting up practices and interfacing with the insurance companies. When I started my practice, I had to sue the state of New Jersey for the ability to incorporate. When I started the first birth center in the country, the legalities were a big issue. Getting reimbursement was a big issue,” said Lonnie Morris, CNM, ND. “He understands women. He understands what’s going on. He understands the basic concept that birth is normal.and it needs to be brought back to that, to normalcy. He gets it.”

Joseph has made himself a student of negotiation theory and through those studies has grown convinced that the most effective negotiation style is one based on civility coupled a genuine interest in finding the best solution for all parties. While getting there, Joseph is not afraid to confront a party if they are out of line, but is equally quick to forgive that trespass and carry forward to craft the most fulsome agreement available. This, Joseph believes, is how lasting and productive relationships are developed and maintained.

“Joe is one of our most diligent people on the board. He is our technology guru. All of us rely upon him for questions on computers and legal software. Anything that can make a practice more efficient from a technology standpoint, he is our guy. He has project managed many publications and improved their quality,” said Lynne Ustach, Co-Chair, ABA Family Law Pub Board. “He is a very easy, thoughtful person to work with. I think he brings that thoughtful touch to his clients. We’re running with all lawyers, so we’re not short on egos and we’re not short on opinions and Joe has a very beautiful way with people.”

In addition to publishing, Joseph lectures frequently on legal issues in midwifery for Midwifery programs nationwide. He is rated as a SuperLawyer, a designation denoting a top rating of attorneys in a specific practice area.

Joseph has a private practice in the Kansas City metropolitan area that includes assisted reproduction and surrogacies:

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