Webinar Follow-Up: How to Market a Birth Center or Midwifery Business Online

June 7, 2018

How to Market a Birth Center or Midwife Service online


On May, 29 2018, Peter Soto hosted a webinar for Grow Midwives exploring the basics of marketing a birth center and other midwifery related businesses online. If you would like to consult with Peter or any of the other Grow Midwives team, reach out on our contact us page.

If you would like to follow along at your own pace, Peter’s Powerpoint can be found here.

Ginger: [00:00:00] Right. Well I think we're going to get started and as soon as I'm done I'm going to go on mute and what I'm going to do is just introduce you to Peter Soto. I don't have a bio that I'm going to read. What I'd rather do is just share the tremendous amount of knowledge and energy you bring to our company Grow Midwives in the 21st century of marketing and how consumers stay, as my daughter in law says find all their information on the phone. That's really hard for some of us decades old to comprehend and how that can be used to grow midwifery, whether that's in somebody's business, academic setting or birth center. I think we're going to have some great suggestions. I'm so thankful for your time tonight.

Peter: [00:01:10] Thank you for that Ginger. See we want to have everyone introduce themselves or go right into my field? Let's see we've got one two three four in addition to Leslie and the changer. So I guess we'll just go ahead and start from the bottom on mine and then work our way up. The first is Jodi. Jodi would you mind giving us an introduction?

Jodi: [00:02:07] I am Jodi. I am a midwife in Knoxville Tennessee. And hoping to join in a hospital practice. This will be the first midwifery practice they've had at the hospital and we have no marketing budget so we will be on our own for building up our practice. Excited to join this call.

Peter: [00:02:37] That was really exciting and maybe may be the person to be lynchpin for your marketing department over there producing some of the stuff you are here. Next on my list it looks like Lizzie. OK Lizzie doesn't have a microphone. Jennifer your next there on my list. Would you mind unmuting yourself and just tell us a little bit about yourself. That's another situation without a microphone. Well next is Tenesha?

Tinisha: [00:03:40] Yes it's Tinisha Williams, certified midwife. And I want to somehow market a birthing center in the New York City area. And also just to let the midwives in our area know more about marketing.

Peter: [00:04:05] And next looks like that maybe a Lorry or Laurelle

Loure: [00:04:16] Loure. I'm from France originally it's a very common name there but here, I always have to explain it. I love growing midwives. This is probably third or fourth webinar I've listened to. Thanks so much. And I'm a new midwife. A certified midwife like Tanisha. I'm interested in building midwives, however that is feasible. And we have one independent accredited birth center here in N.Y. It could be that I might be able to join or not. Anyway I'm interested in hearing how one builds profiles midwives in that sense. So I'm very excited. Thank you.

Peter: [00:05:18] Appreciate it. So basically you know before I get started I thank Ginger Wesley and Joe for your time tonight. I get to live and breathe and sleep marketing. I mean it's one of the last things I think about before going to be and one of the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and I'm very thankful to have gotten to be a part of the Grown wives team. I'm just very thankful Leslie and Ginger again for this opportunity. I think what they're doing is awesome. Tonight we're going to talk about the basics when it comes to online marketing. For a birth center or midwifery business. I reminder to you guys we're recording this with a transcription here a couple days. If I talked of any links or anything like that or websites to go to, all that will be linked with the transcript so don't worry too much about notes. Just a little disclaimer there. What we're really talking about, is always changing online marketing the internet, what worked last year probably isn't going to work this year maybe some of those things are the same. Technology changes, tactics changes, best practices change, the way Google works changes. They're running hundreds if not thousands of tests every day. This is just meant to be a snapshot for how best practices should be taken or some basics of marketing "now". we are at the end of may of 2018 end of may. So again another disclaimer there. So in that vein don't think that using the old technology is going to really make sense when things are changing. A few years ago we didn't have Instagram. It looks like Instagram is going to become probably the main marketing platform for reaching out to women of childbearing age. More than 68 percent of its users are female. More than 90 percent of them are younger than 35. You know if your birth center or hospital or private practice is not on there, it might be a place you want to be in the future. We've just taken you a concerted get Instagram and jumped on it. We probably should have a few years ago but, you know, we're learning we're moving quicker than we were a little while ago. So you know just a little comparison to using old tech instead of new tech. Always look out for you know the next new thing is going to be because it's always changing. we are going to talk tonight about things that are not necessarily website related. The discussion on how to build a Web site or how is how administrate a Web site, or how to market a Website specifically. you really need to probably talk to someone who knows how to build a Website before you get into that. And that really deserves its own webinar, which we will have a follow up. It might not be the one right after this one but it will come soon because you want to equip you with the knowledge to either know the right questions to ask or do the basics on your own. So you protect yourself by knowing what information is out there and what you should be asking if you want a vendor to build your website. To not be taken advantage of not be charged too much or given too little service. So tonight we're strictly want to talk about things that are not related to your "www.insert name of center.com here". We're going to talk about Search engines social media and creating content. The first two probably seem pretty straight forward. You probably know what a search engine is and what social media platforms are. Creating content going to be new for many of you unless you're very avid Facebook readers Instagram or tweeters. If you're doing this in your personal life or if you have experience doing them for another organization in the past, some of this might be old hat for you. Again just wanted to keep this very basic where anybody and everybody to get something out of it hopefully. As we go through this presentation please think about specific marking questions that you may have regarding anything that we talk. Think about if you're not working someplace, think about where you're wanting to work. What is that market like? Other birth centers or midwifery services, your competition are doing? If you have questions that are related to real life issues you're having now, save those who later, we're to have a hopefully, very robust question and answer at the end, because I find that these types of things, learning them, it's a lot easier to use real world examples. And we have a handful of really ambitious on entrepreneurial midwives on the call tonight. I'd expect you guys are probably going to have some real life use cases I can help you out with so save those until the end and I'll keep it brief so we have time later. A little background on me.

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I started working in marketing in 2011. I went to the University of Kansas and have two degrees in journalism. One is with an advertising bent the other is a technology bent. So basically I'm a hired nerd for people like Ginger and Leslie who have really great ideas and I basically go out and tell their stories. I own a marketing boutique in Kansas City, most clients in real estate and self-storage industries. That doesn't sound like it is very applicable to marketing a birthing center or hospital care facility or midwifery service, but strangely enough they are geographically motivated businesses and there is a lot of overlap. So I might use some funny sounding analogies later on in about self-storage or selling units and things like that but I'll try to turn everything back to birth centers quickly.

Peter: [00:11:33] Like most millennials I've gone all over the country to work. I've worked in Chicago for boutique advertising agencies. I worked in Irvine California as the director of marketing for real estate Co op I moved back to KC to be closer to my mom, I'm sure you know how important that That's kind of where I'm at now. The way that I got involved with midwives I know Ginger's son Reed since high school, he's a good guy. If you don't know him, get to know him! like I said earlier I'm absolutely in love with a grow mid wife's mission. I think that increasing access to quality health care for mothers and babies is one of most important things that we can do. And I'm just very honored that I get to be a small part of pushing that mission forward. the mission I think is a great way to segue back into what this webinar is going to be about. For midwives in general is understandable that you guys may not be too far along as far as business skills are concerned. You just go to school for so long to provide great care for mothers and babies. Kinda unrealistic for business knowledge also be part of of all of that, because you've got so many other worthwhile things that you're doing. But there is a business marketing side of these things. And part of the midwives mission is to set midwives up with those business skills that they can use to succeed and hopefully you guys get a little bit out of this webinars tonight that can equip you a little more and make you more of a savvy business person, So like I said equipping midwives with business skills is kind of our thing. The blog post on growmidwives.com Has a lot of how to information. So the nuts and bolts, the sausage making, that post have a lot of really good information we'll link to in the follow up to this. growmidwives.com/blog And It's all right there. We're going to cover a couple of things that are in there briefly, and then kind of do more of a deep dive into content into use cases that you guys would find interesting and they actually bring consumers into your birth center or into your midwifery business. Search engines, you guys are all pretty familiar with all of these. I would imagine Google Bing Apple Maps. The reason that I chose these three for you guys to try to be set up on, is because you're going to get the most bang for your buck out of these specific search engines. Google for a long time was responsible for about 90 percent of the search traffic on the Internet. From about 2000 to about 2010 that was the case. Nowadays they're responsible for about 65 percent of search traffic in united states. Bing accounts for about 30 percent of whatever's left over. And then you know everything else is random search engines that you are or I haven't heard of. iPhone is or rather phones that run iOS the operating system for iPhone, there's about 40 percent of people who use a smartphone use an IOS operating like an iPhone. So between Google my business, Bing Places for business, and Apple Maps is basically going to cover every search engine. so I know that we have a couple of people from New York here. If you're in the city being set up on these platforms is imperative. That is going to be really really high compensation zone. While birthing centers and midwifery in general are not as far ahead in in terms of marketing acumen as other industries are. You are going to see in larger cities that competition is much more fierce. So basically all these platforms are going to have you verify either by using a postcard or a phone call to a dedicated number. And that's kind of how they verify like oh yes this is a real business yes we should serve it to our users. Sets up just one layer of covering their behind as far as serving the right information goes. And then also the more competitive an area that you're in, the more of these types of search engine you're going to want to be set up on because Google, while it is the most important search engine, is going to look at every other search engine out there for information and sometimes not always directly. To give you an idea, you don't have to worry about it now, people like me worry about this stuff but I just won't let you know that there are literally thousands of places that Google and search engines like Google are getting information about your business. And if you're in a very competitive market you're going to want to do more than just be set up on just those three platforms. This page is from a company called malls and they're very well respected. Search engine optimization firm. They used to have clients but now they're just basically a education resource for the industry. And this is actually a few years old, if they were to do an upgrade or an upgrade of this map, there would be hundreds of more arrows from dozens of more places. And for some of my plans I take care of listings on literally hundreds of different directories different search engines and it's kind of a pain in the neck. But like I said earlier you guys will have probably not have to deal with that too much and the basics are just those three search engines. Business directories are a little different. Yelp would be a business directory that you guys are probably pretty familiar with. Very similar to a search engine. But it is basically just for businesses.

Peter: [00:17:59] And then there are also other directories that are going to be specific to your industry that you're going to want to have your business on. These are just a few and the ones that I found by just doing a simple search. The ACNN has their own directory that I'm sure that if your center or business is on there, it is going to look more authoritative than it would otherwise. Healthgrades is a very popular position greeting website that I've been familiar with from other clients we've had in the past. And the midwives Association of Washington, I'm sure there is probably a state association for midwives in just about every state and they probably have a directory. When people are doing their research on your midwifery business or birth center, they may find you on one of these places. And if nothing else there are signals that having yourself set up on online directories like this send to search engines like Google that will cause you to show up higher in searches. So again depending on the competitive nature of your market, you're going to want to be set up on more of these places. If you're in the middle of nowhere rural wherever. Probably not.

[00:19:22] You know anything really similar to search engines and business directories, yet still not a website, social media platforms. The three that we pointed out in our blog were Facebook Twitter Instagram. Facebook and Twitter are two of the oldest social media platforms out there. Instagram just a little bit newer still has a ton of users is actually owned by Facebook as well. These platforms provide robust options that advertise and to really target different demographics. So you really can get into, at least on Facebook and Instagram, you really can get into I only want to target women in this city who are between ages x and x and are interested in buying a new house or other things that might be related to having a child. And you can really drill down and get granular with that info. That's another webinar unto itself. And Then you know there are other social media. I want you guys keep thinking about that I cited earlier. Is always changing you know what works yesterday may not work tomorrow. it hasn't really aged yet as far as the example goes but Snapchat, I'm sure you guys are familiar snapchat. Maybe you have you have younger relatives or children who are using snapchat to give you an idea of what it is for those who don't know, you can take a photo or send a video. It only exists for 10 seconds or less and then it disappears forever and you might be saying here's a whole why why what kind of business application does that have the same kind of childish seems like something that wouldn't really help a customers. And I thought the same thing the same thing about any social media in regards to health care can be a really slippery and sometimes dangerous situation to put yourself in and it is always good to tread with a little bit of caution, but you're basically after you guys go away from here I want to check out this guy named the real Doctor Miami. He's a plastic surgeon in Miami and he has used to create a huge following in Miami. Sometimes those photos get a little graphic. Just want to warn you it is plastic surgery. And he does get his vision to sign off on live streaming those surgeries. Now do I think that this is applicable for birth centers? Probably Not. That's my first gut reaction but maybe you encountered a mom who wanted livestream for birth so that her grandparents that live 1000 miles away can see it. I don't know maybe that might I'm using the future. But I just want you to be thinking about it. Just an interesting thing as far as social media goes. Basically he kind of tells the stories of that the people who come into his shop or into his clinic. And so you know. You know this is so so how old they are this coming to have done today. He'll do before and afters, he'll do progress photos like how people are healing things like that. I'm sure that just hearing those ideas you can probably you know generate a few ideas for how you might be able to tastefully apply that to a birth center or midwifery business. The real doctor Miami if you want to see someone who's on the cutting edge marketing I guess, I mean we're talking about him right now, he's someone to check out.

Peter: [00:22:56] With all of these different search engines and business directory platforms reviews and testimonials are going to be a thing. I'm just going to touch on it for a second but again, could be a huge you know blog posts testimony and generating reviews sort of thing. But for Facebook Google or just about anywhere else you're going to be, the more that you can generate reviews the better. Just because we're trying to do things that show on your Web site that show social signals to people that get them to try to transact. So just want to throw that in there as just a quick aside just to let you guys know that's going to be a big thing that we might cover in a later webinar. And so yeah let's see here.

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And then last but not least creating content and this is where I want to spend most of our time on this call is talking about is different ways to create content and engage with our community because once you're set up google my business once you're set up on Facebook and all those other platforms you're going to want to generate something useful first off. And it's not always easy to know what that is what your community is going to care about, what is going to give you traction with people who are actually going to either pick up the phone and call an appointment or send you an email or fill out a form. But basically if you are not generating content in any kind there are very very few ways for prospective customers to be educated about what you do know where you are. Trust you enough to seek out your services and then eventually transact.

Peter: [00:24:33] Barely any of those things are going to happen without putting out content that is useful. So basically educating customers you know midwifery I have only started working in this industry since November but I had no idea that this was an option for women that so few women knew about. I mean I thought as a man I just didn't know about these things because I'm just an ignorant man. But it turns out that I feel like our health education system is just doing a disservice to women by not letting them know that you guys are out there and that for normal healthy women you know the majority of the time they're the right chair provider to go to. And I would imagine that the cases are we pretty similar with your with your community. So you need to be you know starting now especially if you have no presence online with your birth center with your independent business. You need to be treating the very very basic concept that what is a midwife? Putting that out on your social media putting that on your on your google my business page as a post you put it in everywhere we've talked about if you can. You know let people know that you're a midwife. You know that might sound pretty simple but if you are not putting it out there and it doesn't exist then no one will see it. So even just the basics of you know what do you do. Where are you. You know getting your name address and phone number out there as much as possible. It might sound too simple but a lot of big businesses are forgetting to do these things every day.

Peter: [00:26:07] And if you're doing them then it's a little bit of effort but it will really set you apart when people begin their journey. Where do I want to have a baby is it in a hospital? What is a birth center? You know those are the questions but a lot of women in your area have. And if you're the one answering that for them that you're going to be establishing yourself as a leader. They're going to see you as an authority that knows what they're talking about. That has you know if you're doing a job with user reviews and testimonials has proven that they've helped people through this before and done in a way that was incredibly satisfactory and then you know you're creating other content that is more of a following up with our families as they grow. You know that just means that you're the owner you're the mayor of the community at that point, you're letting people know you know that you're there that you're the leader and that people follow you. Another thing that you're going to be doing is you're going to be building your brand as you put this stuff out, make sure that you have a brand and a logo that you're putting on any images that you create. You know any anything that you distribute that's a visual you're going to want that on there eventually when you're on a Website you're going to want that brand front and center. If you do make sense for whatever media you're on and then create a hashtag We've been using the hashtag grow midwives for a while. Ginger just started using one or started the use of a new one with us, the grow consumers hashtag. We've got a new initiative now to educate people on what midwives really are you know in addition to providing services to midwives to help them be better in business and their practice. And so you know it makes sense for you start when you start using it. If they're community hashtags that you've noticed you have your own and have an Instagram or Twitter user become involved with your hash join your conversations. Seems again pretty simple but if you're not out there just putting your voice out there. No one is ever going to hear it. And as time goes on once you start having enough conversations or putting yourself out there putting different content out there you're going to see what comes back to you in the form of interactions with real messages directly to you. These steps are happening as you put more out there and as you are putting things out, think about he kind of persona that you are putting out there. Ginger Leslie those great voices because they've been in this industry for so long they know how to talk to folks who are getting into it for the first time or who have been in it for a really long time as far as midwives go. It's really nice to you able to lean on them for how we should frame our message. And it's going to be up to you to basically become that tone of voice. Become that I don't know that kind of persona for your birth center or hospital or midwifery business. Grow your following with that in mind you know.

Peter: [00:29:10] Don't be afraid to be entertaining. That's gonna give you positive connotations in the community. What else. Oh as you're putting out content you're making the case for why mothers should use your service. So again you know you see bigger companies that do this. But do you know there are very few brands on the midwifery space these days but the ones that are out there they don't do a great job putting out information on matters to moms. And so if you're doing that especially where especially in a small geographic area. I think, Now Leslie and Ginger correct me if I'm wrong on this but I think about two hours is the most that most people are willing to drive to go to a birth center or maybe longer or not so long, Leslie that might be a you question.

Leslie: [00:30:07] Yeah That's about right up to two hours. Yes.

Peter: [00:30:13] Yeah. So so if your so if you're creating content that is geographically relevant I guarantee that there are not so many people competing in that space because two hours is not that far away when when you really get down to it. Even a few national companies that there are trying to popularize the birth center model, They're not in all 50 major MSA's. So you definitely have room to punch above your weight class so to speak when it comes to marketing you just have to put it out there and you have to make sure it's geographically relevant as well. So let's see what else. And you know creating content gives you an opportunity to do well. A lot of larger businesses don't want to do is just tell your personal story and with something as intimate as giving birth, I would imagine that women who are weighing whether or not a birth center or a midwife is correct or that the right choice for them may want to know something about the person that they're going to be in that intimate situation with. So don't be shy to talk about yourself to give people background on you. You know again I got to point to Ginger on this one. She does a great job on social media of not only telling the story of the grown midwives brand but making it personal to her. And to who she is as a person. If you've ever seen an artist that Joe has made her her husband Joe he makes wonderful beautiful wooden pinards. (Device they used to listen to the baby in the mom's stomach. That's such an interesting thing that I think is going to become more of our brand the grow midwives brand going forward that came organically out something that both Ginger and Joe enjoy. So are there things like that that you can bring to the online space to make yourself more authentic and to show people that you're genuine. Those are the types of things that you need to be looking out for. And we talked about building your brand this is the midwives logo. And so how they do these things. I talked about a lot of different kind of ephemeral creating content. It's kind of this amorphous blob. Here's just a quick little list of different things that you can do. We're all familiar with blogging.

Peter: [00:32:39] Basically you know writing could be short form long form with Twitter and platforms like Twitter that you can basically have microblogging which is just very very short little stories. I'll show you guys a couple examples of some content in a little bit but blogging we do a lot of long form blogging on the grow midwives website because we're trying to teach people things that they will find interesting. Fun fact our most popular blog is Leslie's blog on identifying community needs. It gets the most traffic out of any blog that we have ever put out. And the reason is because she's talking about something lot of entrepreneurial midwives want to know about. you know doing a community assessment and I can safely say that she is one of the few people who has put that information out and that is why people are finding her on search. For you guys It's going to be a little bit different because you're trying to convince consumers to come to a physical location. So it might not be for your guys. vlogging Might be something else which is just video blogs. It can be very very easy. We all have. Well most of us I guess have our smartphones. Just a quick 30 second long video. If it is about something that your community will find interesting then maybe that's the right avenue for you. Webinar like we're doing right now for grow midwives we find the webinars are a really great way to to provide our community with the content that it's looking for. You know Ginger and Ledley are such a great wealth of information. You know providing you know a way that we can record that information display it so that anyone can access it anytime.

Peter: [00:34:18] And then also means answer life questions in real time. We find that that's very valuable. Maybe that is something that your community will be into that we be interesting to see a birth center that was hosting webinar that had a lot of you know future moms and you know just talking about whatever it is that they you know find interesting. Creating graphics. It's so easy to be your own graphic designer these days. don't think that you should be limited just because you are not artistic. I'm not artistic. I for better or worse I made a lot of the graphics that we shoot out. If you saw anything at we put out on the International Day of the midwife that was me. If I can do it you can do it and you might want write down can canva.com It is a program similar to Photoshop but takes all the complexity out of it and just makes it a really simple photo editor and design editor. It's like 12-13 dollars a month for what we pay for it and we use it every day. I use it my team uses it, we use it for all our clients, it helps make graphics very quickly. I'll put a link in the transcription to the site.

Peter: [00:35:56] Content curation is sifting through the content and picking out the best stuff and putting in a place where it's easier for your community to get to. That Could be as simple as just retweeting quality tweets that you think other people will find interesting so that when they visit your Twitter stream they see a lot of great information. Maybe that is a facebook page that has a repository of all of your blogs. Maybe it's an interest board where you have you know all pins that are related to you know things that expecting moms would be interested in because they know or they saw your birth cent at you had a Pinterest account and they decide to check you out there. giving your two cents is another easy way to get out to the community and let people know that you're there. Your community or the communities you probably have like new moms groups or you know Mommy bloggers of some kind. go In on your whatever social media account it is. Add your thoughts on different questions. You know there were questions all the time. The more that you can get out there and let people know that you are willing to answer questions for them the more that they're going to want to check you out and the more that will lead to sales. Newsletters we're all familiar with email newsletters we send one out for midwives. I have a few hundred recipients on that. It's a great way to really engage with people who self-identified as people who are going to be interested in whatever it is you have to say because they took the time to sign up for a newsletter. Chances are they probably want to hear whatever it is you have to say and then podcasting which is actually a pretty new medium.

Peter: [00:37:32] But if you're not familiar with podcasting it's pretty similar to radio recording radio shows that you're distributing hem online. They're actually a midwifery podcast I've gotten into lately that I will share links to. But basically they're just like short episodes sometimes you know between half an hour an hour long. They could be talk shows they could be educational shows. But again you know trying to figure out ways to entertain or educate and provide the useful information to your community. Whatever works for you. There's a lot of different ways to them, these are just a few of them.


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And so let's say a few examples of quality content, I just want to make one quick point about all these different content types. As you're creating content and posting it on different platforms all the platforms that we've talked about so far, Facebook Google My Business bing places for business. All of those platforms are going to provide you with different analytics information after you're set up on them. And the only way that you're going to affect those different metrics that are going to be you know how many visits did your page get you know say on Google My Business for how many clicks did it generate how many phone calls did it generate how many photos were viewed things like that, those are going to be types of analytics and metrics you're going to get on these different platforms. They're going to stay static in low if you're not producing content to put on them. So it's kind of like saying all right I built a car but now I'm just gonna leave it in the driveway so people can see that they drive by every now and then but I'm gonna put gas in it and I'm not going to drive it around. And you know sometimes people see it. Creating content really is like gas in the car getting it out front more people with that car is has a billboard on it. You want it to be everywhere. And content is the way to do it. And the different metrics that you're going to get from those platforms that you're going to be set up on are going to tell you what is working. So if you post a blog and suddenly you've got a lot of likes on Facebook, that's a very easy way to see that your community liked that blog. So about what the topic was, think about how you presented it to them, and see if there are other things like that in the future that you can do. It's a really simple way to think about it but that's kind of where all these marketing content ideas begin. so if you look on the right here it's a small photo but this is a Facebook post that Ginger made while her and leslie were at the I believe the ACM conference in Savannah last week. And it is very very simple. It is a couple pictures of some slides and it's just announcement for a download that is going to be available on June 1st from a CMN of a call to joint statement that they put out. Seems pretty simple right. But this post was one our better performing posts from that week. We only have 890 people that were following us on Facebook this post reached 1300 hundred people 52 reacts 90 people clicked on it and 4 people shared it.

Peter: [00:40:38] So think about social media like this as just drops in the bucket. You know there's not there's probably not going to be one thing that causes the bucket to overfill. But if you're consistently putting out quality posts hat your community thinks are useful then you're going to be rewarded with increased reach increased engagement and hopefully increased traffic to your website further on down the road or whatever whatever funnel you're trying to get consumers to go down. Here's another one that Ginger put out the previous week. We want to use the one we just saw. A graphic linking to information that the midwifery community finds very very valuable. This one got 15 shares. Twenty three hundred people were reached 256 clicks. Very successful post for us. But I think one of the main points or one of the main things that made this post successful is that Ginger brought some of her expertise to it. She just didn't put out a link and say this is the link she said. Here's what I think about it. Here's my a little bit of commentary on it. Decide for yourself in a way. That is what people are looking to you as a thought leader for, not just to bring them good information but to tell them what you think about it as well because they're trusting you, they care about what you think. This was a post that we put out for international day of midwives. The graphic that's there literally took me five minutes to make and it was one of our best performing posts from that week. You just Have an idea put it out there see if you will like it.

Peter: [00:42:16] Thirty six hundred people reacted to it. People were reach 124 clicks, 35 shares 300 some odd reacts. Yeah international day of the midwife was really great for our Facebook page. And I think it was mainly because we took the time to make some really really simple graphics. I asked Leslie and Ginger to provide me with a few resources that would give me facts and figures that would be related to midwifery and the midwifery community and basically I just went through and looked for really big numbers. Three point six million lives. Hey that's a huge number to me our community might care about that. You know there are going to be facts and figures in your community. You know what. What is the maternal mortality rate for women in the state of New York in the city of New York. You know. Can you figure out a way to look at how midwifery services effect that in the state of New York. Is there a way that you can tell that story through a single photo or graphic of blog post. I mean this idea might not be 100 percent applicable but you kind of see where I'm going with this. And the great thing about canva is you can repurpose things very quickly. You can see that graphic that I used for international day of the midwife. I actually made this post today on Instagram using that same graphic I just changed the very first line. And you know we got a handful of likes and you know people are talking about it. Any time that you can to repurpose content on multiple platforms or on different days, a great thing that you can do.

Peter: [00:43:47] So yeah super simple it is only our second post ever on Instagram. You can see there another great example repurposing content and getting more leg work out something that was created for a completely different thing. Wanted to run through that. Give you guys a very very broad base for what we're talking about in terms of online marketing. That's not dependent on a Web site. And I'd like to encourage you guys out to unmute and lob any questions that you have at me, anything that you had. You know really anything I talked about anything related to anything that you're experiencing right now whether you're you're at a birth center currently or you're looking at the marketplace that you're thinking of applying at is doing. Yes. Feel free to just anybody begin.

Tinisha: [00:44:40] Hi this is Tinisha Williams. I have a question Is there a particular app you can use to repurpose videos that you see? Because sometimes you come across social media whether it's Twitter, instagram, they're showing you video.

Peter: [00:45:01] So video something we just started getting into. My background in college was as a video news reporter so I had to do things a little in a way that won't be 100% applicable to the way that you would want to do things but I use a software called vegas pro, but that software is actually quite expensive. It'd be like three hundred dollars for a license. You know what I will do. Well we don't really do a lot of that. I'll do a little Research on that. And I will if you don't mind either emailing my email address which is which is Peter@twoguysinthelivingroom.com If you would email me just so I have your email address I can respond you directly with that answer. I know that there are multiple pieces of software that make it so easy you can edit video on your phone. I just I don't use any of that but I probably should. I definitely want to answer that question for you. Shoot me an email and I will follow up with you directly. And that might actually even be our next follow up webinar.

Tinisha: [00:46:21] Thank you.

Peter: [00:46:23] Yes ma'am, that was an awesome questions.

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Jennifer: [00:46:24] Hey Peter This is Jennifer Santos. I don't know if you can hear me. I am part of a midwifery practice hospital employed in central new jersey that has been in the process to get a birth center off the ground has had multiple construction delays so we missed out on the benefit. But my question to you is what do you think the best role for the midwives themselves, there are three of us, in working with the marketing department of this larger entity. We've tried kind of steer them in the right direction. We've tried to massage some of the language that they initially came out with before they worked you know with the input of the midwives, but do you have any tips for working with the marketing department of a larger institution. Yeah yeah absolutely. So marketing departments do certain things really great like market. They don't do other things too great. For example use the proper language that you as a stakeholder would like to use. Whether you're talking to a physician, mother you know, a consumer. Ginger and Leslie too when we first started out you know I didn't really know how to talk about midwifery in regards to how they interact with physicians. And so my my initial inclination was to say things that I now realize might have been inflammatory to those physician stakeholders, but I was not having that intent whatsoever. So that was a really long winded way of saying that you need at least one person on site who is the bridge between the marketing department and the midwives, someone who's looking over at least at first, all of the communication that is going out so that you can work together to build what's called a style guide for your practice and have it be as simple as just a shared google document that has all of the rules you guys come up with. As you go on we use something similar for clients in the past. So basically that's gonna be notes on this is the word we use for our consumers. You know we use patients for families we don't use dollar size, stuff like that. You know these are go to things like your brand. This is these are the colours these are the exact text colors for our brand. You know we don't use any other colors. You know whatever use cases come up where you find issue with your marketing department that is something you would want to address in your style guide, and that's a living breathing document that all of the marketing department should have access to. But you've got someone of staff who acts as the in house expert who knows the right words. that institutional knowledge that you guys have is so valuable and we use marketers. And I do this too. I just tell other people's stories. I'm not the one who's actually making them. So we rely on you guys for that expertise.

Peter: [00:49:59] You really got to have somebody whose job it is to interface with the marketing department and kind of train them. Ginger do you have any experience? I know you've been in it in the larger institutions like this and I'm not the first marketing person you've dealt with. Would you mind speaking on that question.

Ginger: [00:50:18] Yeah, Jennifer and others I would say there's a very large midwife practice. 10 of us working for one of the largest hospitals in Kansas City. It was very difficult for the marketing department to think anyone could work anything in their office. So it takes some conversation and getting to know as you realise that the market can generate the revenue customers the hospital wanted. And so I would agree with peter. One of things I did was ask for somebody I could consistently meet with on a monthly basis and I provided them what I thought was good monthly data. This was before social media was what it is now but I think asking for a playbook for how to manage social media, can't have your own social media site through the hospital, those kind of things.

Jennifer: [00:51:22] Now they have and how they will not allow them midwifery practices to have its own social media.

Ginger: [00:51:28] Then what might they allow you to do?

Jennifer: [00:51:43] Once the birth centers open they may allow the person and they've discovered that.

Ginger: [00:51:38] So I think having this conversation upfront let's them know that you're landing and not running away and get a realize it's really an essential ingredient for success.

Lizzie: [00:51:51] Can I add something to this. This is Lizzie Keatsway can you hear me. I'm a nurse midwife in Massachusetts at a mixed midwife and doctor hospital practice and we were having a similar issue with the main hospital not really promoting us. So a few of the midwives and I just asked if we could at least have access to the main page and then you know if we could send them things that they could just read posts and then the marketing kind of got overwhelmed by everything we were sending and just gave me access and now we're able to post our own content and just make sure you know we get consent forms for any pictures of course of patients and babies and it's growing and doing well. So so if you I guess bothered them enough they might figure like this is a lot of work if someone else is willing to do it well you know.

Ginger: [00:52:56] The very first conversation that we had between me and the marketing department, I was the second to come on board and I had to tell them they could not put my picture on anything they said we were equal. The alternative to home birth, so we're really starting at square one with an institution that's a lot more comfortable and with a high acuity population and really going in a new direction which you know has to be applauded and to really be appreciated. So you know I do I really appreciate Peter what you're saying is that they really do know what women want to hear. Not to mention our colleagues and other people that we were created and now please and those the correct words and the right dialogue so I think that really resonates with them.

Peter: [00:53:47] One Other thing I just want to point out while we're on this topic you know coming to the marketing department and when we come to the spirit of collaboration I think is really important in situations like this because sometimes as marketers we forget professional courtesy sometimes when we're thinking oh we're the ones who knows how to do this, we know about the analytics and social media. But in the beginning we don't we don't know what it is that you as the expert know, then our actions are not going to be as impactful. So that's why you really need to work together and if you come to them and say hey of the things I want to do is have my own place and I want to you know make some sort of post to makes here are a couple samples of them. You know that's something that is actually a really great place to start. But basically sitting down and saying you know what are our goals you know what are we doing to reach them from a marketing standpoint. And how can we help you guys come up with whatever you need to reach those goals we helped you come up with. Which as a good marketing department, they should be working with you anyway to do those things. You know have more women come through the door in the first year that is a very simple marketing goal. Been going backwards. How we reverse engineering our way into that, like what is department doing to get more people through the door. And when you start to know those things and you start to say well you know our Facebook well you actually I'll give you an example from one of my clients where We're going to get into some weird self storage stuff. We're to the point now with our marketing where we can if someone called a phone number that they saw on a pay per click add, we can say exactly what add it was, how much we spent on it. You know what size self storage unit they rented how long they rented it for things like that and birth centers may never get to that point you know where we do that sort of thing. But there are lots of different things that you guys can do now that aren't that far along but you can inch toward it. Anyway, great question Jennifer.

Ginger: [00:56:32] Peter I think you began to touch on what a lot of us may not know how to do, we just measure the success of the metrics of what our posts are what our tweets are right. So yes when you started I put up a pretty hot new topic. It just came out of the UK we got the shortage. In the US we have 217 people who have seen this post and you know understanding the metrics behind it if you're working with a marketing department it's the same as understanding your economic value. You have to go with the markers are that they're using to know if you're succeeding. So it could be helpful just to say a few things about how you analyze some of that.

Peter: [00:57:40] So basically so a big part of what you're talking about Ginger is what I would refer to as channel attribution and channel attribution is actually using basically is attributing where people found you or where they took action. So a channel attribution will be this phone call came from facebook or this traffic came from Google or this email was sent through the Contact Us page on our Web site. Basically let us look at the sales funnel already and we got the sale. So before the sale, we've probably got them getting on the Web site and filling in a form or getting a call before that we got them just knowing who we are. You know those are basically going from awareness to transaction. It is the whole lifecycle and our different metrics are at different points that you need to look at. So at the farthest part away from transaction actually happens, we've got awareness and so for example on Facebook an awareness metric will be the number of amount of reach that a post gets. Making people more aware of what you're doing. We're people aware of what you're doing? And so if your goal is to increase awareness of your brand, Then getting your reach as high as possible is a great metric to look at. If You've got enough data to look at. whatever Reason you notice that every 400 visitors you get your consultative services page. You get five people who call through that same page and you even tell that by looking at your google analytics. So basically you got to have all of these platforms that collect information that just barely bare minimum number one everything that you do is collect the information and then look at the information or whether you have someone who knows how to look at information you're collecting and tell you what they can infer on. You can see patterns. That You can see when we know that whenever we post of a blog, we have spikes in traffic. So it might pretty easy to say let's post more blogs to get more traffic. Well that might cause you to just post blogs endlessly which blogs performed the best, that we want to get you the kind of user engagement metrics that you want. We haven't gotten to the websites really but one of the most useful tools out there is Google Analytics. It's free sogeare your web developer will put on your website and it will basically just track anything and everything that happens on your Web site in terms people listening. So it'll tell you how long people will stay on each page how fast they leave without clicking anything, You know all sorts of stuff that's pretty hard to dig through. I mean I know I'm doing this for years. I'm google analytics certified a know how to read the data. But really the main thing for you guys to be doing is collecting it and then having someone who knows it means take a look at it and help you with it. And what I mean anything can be in the Analects phone lines are something that we do a lot with for our other clients because we'll have a different google line on our website, a different one to our facebook page. Online our Web site my. Oh my on our Facebook page. They all got to the same place but they're tracked because we use the software you know gets all the caller I.D. information, how long they talked for, in some cases the actual phone call, you know that little sound beforehand. This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. You know that's another way to track those things. But there are so many different metrics and they matter at different points in the customer journey. You really gotta know what you're looking for. So things like phone calls, e-mails form submissions, that going to be really close that that are probably going to be more valuable metrics to look at from a content and analysis side, things like reach, followers on the exact opposite end of know where you just are trying to make people aware of your brand and there's a whole lot of stuff in between. So yeah that just was really long way of saying I just collect as much information as possible and have someone who has been spending years and years looking at data to look at if for you and tell you what's going on. It's not the greatest answer in the world but data is getting easier and facebook makes it really easy to see So right now they should see what hosts are performing well. Instagram has similar functionality. But you can even go down and see you know every single that we put out and what it's done You know here on Facebook. So yeah. What I would use this for is the more popular posts try to figure out why were popular. What was it that resonated with people? Was there a format I used? For some reason all of my posts where I have all caps on the the first five letters get 400 more reach than any of the other posts that you know stuff like that. Oh those with photos do much better than those that don't. Why Is that. You know how it goes on you know another reason really why you gotta be doing this consistently so that you can collect information and see how does it trend over time? Do you have any more questions I headed off into the weeds on social media metrics and stuff. Also just want to throw this out there real quick if any of you had a very very specific question but you don't want to ask in public on a webinar again feel free to email me at my work email and I promise I will go through and I will address any email I get and address it as best as I can. I definitely want to help you guys out. I think that marketing is one of those things where man, birthing centers and midwifery is the Wild West as far as marketing goes. you Have so much opportunity and the more that I can help you guys. I mean honestly it would be personally fulfilling to me because I love the message and I love the mission So feel free to email me personally and I answer questions. Any more questions? We're nine minutes over But I definitely want to answer anymore questions we've got.

Jennifer: [01:04:52] Can I ask an Instagram specific question. So so our midwifery practice has an Instagram page and I just don't know how to get more followers. I know your supposed to use hashtags and by you following other people and they'll follow you. But then is it weird as a practice it's like patients are following you like that seems weird to follow individual people but I guess I don't know much about it. I don't know what your thoughts.

Peter: [01:05:27] Well so I'll say you know as far as following individual patients that sort of thing, like I was saying earlier on that persona that you're creating online if you think that your birth center was a person, if your birth center were a person will they be the kind of person who would be friends with patient online? You know or maybe you know maybe that would have an arms length relationship with them. Now I know that with grow midwives we try to be really conversational and try to be very openly open and non confrontational. And it really comes down to what you think is appropriate for your practice. As far as getting more followers is concerned, do You have a Facebook page as well.

Jennifer: [01:06:14] Yes.

Peter: [01:06:15] Are you. Are they connected to Facebook.

Jennifer: [01:06:20] Yes.

Peter: [01:06:25] Are they both verified?

Jennifer: [01:06:25] What Does that mean though for Facebook.

Peter: [01:06:45] On Facebook to get verified you either need to have a phone call that gets accepted in to your business landline number or cell phone. That will give you a code to verify your machine or you have to provide a bill that has your business address on it. And human being eventually verifies that. The other thing is to make sure that you're verified on Facebook. I'm pretty sure that is you on instream but like I said earlier we just started dipping our toe into instagram. But are you guys creating content posting regularly.

Jennifer: [01:07:30] Yeah yeah we actually yeah. Yeah we do create quite a lot of content. I've been to a labor position of the week where nurses pose, You know it's very different things like we post our stars. Yeah we put quite a bit. So I mean we started in March and we're up to 100 followers so I mean I think that's a good thing.

Peter: [01:08:06] And when you have your Instagram you know I guess for lack of a better term advertising your office like follow us on Instagram or you know maybe some sign.

Jennifer: [01:08:21] Yeah we did make little business cards with them we just haven't been giving them out as much because I always never really know when to give them out. Do we give them out at birth. Do we give them out at the beginning of pregnancy.

Peter: [01:08:35] I mean you have you have your own little community at your birth center right. And you've got people coming in for their first time or even you know or following up things like that I say just let people know I'm you know in a tasteful way whatever whatever makes sense early as possible is for me to have whatever kind of information that you give to people. So I would say with something on there that says hey you know we do me a lot of information and if you like to be on social media Here's our Instagram account. You know we do birth position of the week. We do all sorts of other information that you might have that might find useful information on classes we're having. The more you can show people the value proposition or what your birth center provides the better. Yeah basically it sounds like you guys are doing the right thing. Are you are you involved with any community organizations or do you guys try to piggyback on other community events that you see advertised on Instagram or anything like that.

Jennifer: [01:09:59] Yeah. We'll like other events and things we don't have a lot of our own events.

Peter: [01:10:11] Well yeah I mean it sounds like you're on the right track. Would you mind actually would you mind emailing me with the name of your birth center. And now I will actually do with a dive into what you guys are doing and just tell you a moment and go through everything and give you my two cents on it.

Jennifer: [01:10:32] Oh that would be great.

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